Living Ageless and Entrapment’s

Peeling away one layer at a time…

I don’t know what triggered this memory today while at the market. Nonetheless, something did trigger me. A few years back I met a lady in a group setting. She was in a space and time in her life of recovering from something that caused her to grieve. First, her husband of forty years passed away. So, her daughter and friends though it would be a good idea to gift her with a lovable innocent piglet. It was really nice of them to do that because this woman would have something to love on to fill and brighten up her days and nights. It was really wonderful her old mother’s instincts were kicking in, and she had to bottle feed the little piglet every two hours. The piglet favorite chair was her late husband place he lived and literally died in that chair. After a few months of bonding the piglet began to make a sound Maaa…just like her late husband use to call her. So, every two hours this piglet was calling for Maaa…and just like in the Pavlov dog experiment piglet cry out Maaa…, and a bottle feeding would take place day and night just like a baby. It was sure to be a happy ending. The piglet grew strong in the relationship. The piglet was now a full-grown pig, and with each passing day becoming more and more like her late husband with the demands, for feedings both day and night, and sharing all of her spare time. She lacked both sleep and courage. It became so bad that she was only able to leave home for one hour at a time, or the pig would have temper tantrums. The pig interfered with her holiday visits, and any opportunity she had to enjoy time with friends and family. It was dividing and conquer in full affect. All she heard was Maaa…. And feedings for the next two years. She said, It was so bad that if she came home from the market that lasted longer than one hours; she would have to open the front door with a head of lettuce in her hand to pitch to avoid getting attacked by the pig, and if she sat in the chair he would put the weight of his whole fat body on her feet to stop her from leaving the house anytime soon. Talk about extreme abandonment issues. Not to mention how that pig took on her late husband persona. However, she finally had the courage to have her daughter come pick that pig up and take it far away from her. As a result, she was able to tell that her long-term marriage with her husband was years of verbal and mental abuse, and the pig just continued the abuse that she did not have the courage to talk about, for fear of people in the community becoming bothered by her actions. After all, they spent years painting a picture-perfect life to the outside. But that card house had fallen down years ago.

Loving the wrong things

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