Living ageless and Failure


What really constitutes failure? Is it a play on our intelligence? Or, is it just a fleeting moment in time? Oftentimes failures get stuck in our head, and it just play over and over like a broken record. We lose sight of all that has been and is working out just great in our life. The free will collision with unconscious impulsivity just put us in some precarious positions at times, and we tend to fall short in strategizing the best ways to accomplish our goals. So, what we get weeping wounded hearts, and we sit and stew in it. Really? When there is a world full of opportunities to make good, nice, or get it all the way right! Overthinking is the worse… We can convince ourselves of so many things that fall short of who? We really are in this world in the unconscious mind space where the pains, and hurt feelings are stored, and we become a magnet attracting more pain and hurts by way of people, situations, and things. I had a friend that put me on notice about a very bad behavior. Whenever something was too painful to talk about. I use to just change the conversation in mid-stream. In hindsight; I can see now that, I was being immature pure “ID”. The way that I did that back then worked until it no longer worked, and I learned to face my failures in order to learn the lessons that follow.  That way I can get to do more of the fun stuff in life because of my willingness to not run away from what is perceived my shortcomings when in fact it is a teachable moment, and a drive to come back with a new perspective to navigate this matrix, and fulfill my dreams, aspirations, and wishfullments.       

Bottled up in Grief and Despair

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