Living ageless and feelings

The art of feelings comes through being able to properly place emotions are they Primary? Or, Secondary? Anger of Not being able to freely express verbal communications can get caught up in the throat with the combination of sadness and fear… Sadness and Fear was caught in my throat and I was not able to articulate my words properly until I was eight years old, but when my tongue was finally made to be free. I entered a talent show to celebrate with two other friends as Diana Ross and the Supremes “Stop in the name of Love” Yeah…wearing a pair of white go go boots, and I was Happy and free to be me because I looked fear in the eyes, and chose myself, and all of the steps leading up to my own celebration, or continue doubting myself of judgement in fear (False evidence appearing real). As a result, for not being stoic enough a lot of great opportunities can get missed because of feeling that some type of judgment will be made, for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. In other words, it is formulating a thick skin to not back down, and absolutely going after what is really yours never settling, for anything less. The price for admission into the world of settling comes with a really high price tag that pulls on primary and secondary emotions leaving individuals nerves raw AF, and a matter of time before the health starts dwindling under the stress of holding back the muddy Mississippi river with one’s own hands… (Newsflash) The Mississippi river is 2 football fields deep and it run from the North of Canada, to the south of the Gulf!  I do not get why? the rest of the world get shocked when non-southern regions flood. The Mississippi river can boil, and bubble up flooding anywhere from up North to the South, and anywhere in-between. Hey, don’t judge my clear vision… lol… I remember when; I was young, I use to wish a lot, but what I realize is that the more I wish the more I would have to wish…No need to wish upon a star “I am the star” No need to hitch my wagon to the star “I am my own hitch”. I think I realized that, for Christmas one year when; I was six years old; I wished for a large stand up baby doll that looked like me, but when all of the girls ran to the Christmas tree we all went for the same baby doll with the black hair. My sister and; I made a quick compromise, and she let me have the baby doll with the black hair in lieu of the baby dolls with the brown hair.  Therefore, we switched baby dolls all the time and we lived happily ever after… So, in life we need to be both versatile and flexible when it comes to our own feelings. As it relates; to self-love, self-respect, and self-awareness. Accept and walk away from acknowledge that nothing is going to ever come of some people, situations, or circumstances. The flip side of that coin attract what you deserve Collateral Beauty, bliss, and blessings standing in your own power and truth.    

I am free to enjoy the journey of building good memories to take with me to my next lifetime.

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