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To do these two things simultaneously is challenging to say the least, but it is well worth it to try it out. It is the road to “Happiness”, which ultimately leads to “Eternity”. The storms and hiccups of life are all blessings undisguised and gateways to a new way of life one that could have been missed through ego eyes, and shadow self. I am not certain how? Are What? People feel about that because in some parts of life ego it a tool to get to the next level and can be seen as a positive thing. However, that level can be the straw that breaks the camel back, and shit gets blown out of the fan. Now, we have to grieve letting go of all the things and stuff that was acquired during the ego years…The people, situations, and tragic circumstances that may have taken place during those ego years. Suddenly Quickly those ego years turn into rivers of tears. Nothing seem to fit memories get erased and the only color seen is black jade because walking away sometimes gets people angry, irate, and downright bitter.  Now, standing alone at a crossroad seeing that fork in the middle of the road can be frightening enough to send someone running back into old patterns, behaviors, and habits of ignorance and inertia.  The other side of the coin is to take that leap of Faith, or ease on down the yellow brick road whatever works for you… I don’t know your life like that, but winning in life means that Matthew 25:23 “Well Done, good and faith Servant”. Is enough for me to step into free …

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