Living ageless and Freedom

So, we get to write our own stories, and we get to use our freewill, which explains that we lose our freedom several times before we even realize it. Therefore, it is clear to see that there are two sides of the coin. The good, bad or indifference is learning to exist, and survive within the perimeters of calm, callous, and cruelty scope-of-work a warning go before destruction. A snap judgement can lead to a lifetime of a trail of tears void of peace and happiness. Oftentimes, we do the same things, for years and get away with it so there is no reason to change it. Right?  In your dreams. (…Teach an old dog new tricks…) When  judgement or perceptions are cloudy lacking clarity is when poor decisions are made. I had the honor of meeting with a real “Quaker”, and the religion practices, due to my own cloudy judgement and perceptions that lead me to believe that these people were not real just characters on film, but what; I did learn from this person was that “Listening” was a skill that we all should master at some time in our life. He practiced solitude all the time, It does not pay to be a know it all many situations, circumstances, and people have destroyed chunks of their lives just because of the puffed-up ego that would not allow them to listen, and they base decisions on a short fuse of adverse reaction. Unfortunately, tragedy is dispensed, and no one is left to blame but self to face the final judgement, for too many situations, people, and circumstances that were taken for granted. If anyone get the chance to talk to someone serving or served prison time, they always thought that they had another chance. I had a cousin, who robbed a car dealership had a clean get away no video footage, no witnesses, but it was not go enough so he went back the next day, and the rest is history. He grieved his own mother so much that; she had him sent to prison in exile, which means that she never wanted to see or know where? He would go to serve his prison term…His judgement was a harsh ending one that would never allow him to look upon his mother’s face again in this lifetime. Commit to self-love etched in the Universal energy life force watch the magic.     

Healing yourself let go of control

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