There will always be. Yet, another mountain to climb…

Set me Free is a choice one that we all have. Contrary to popular beliefs; The hardest thing to do is stay in something sucking the life out of you, leaving is the easiest part. I guess it is human nature to Sometimes hold on to illusions with the hope that it will become the real deal Holyfield one day. The need to feel free deep within our souls is innate to move with grace, and significance. The weightlessness of a renewed soul create cracks in dark dismal places. Many people miss out on opportunity because it can show up wearing coke bottle eyes glasses, overhauls, or ashy knobby knees. Therefore, a disbelief can formulate the fetter on the feet of the observer. Sometimes when people, places, or things are perceived unappealing it elicits an automatic rejection. Who knew? Maybe it was a messenger, but because it did not fit a certain criterion, he/she/it was totally unacceptable. Millions of dollars are spent yearly for cosmetic surgery. To reach another standard of beauty that is trending. The choice of setting oneself free is at the forefront of a plethora of missed, rejected, or ignored possibilities. Free simple pleasures and jesters like sun gazing during the day can fill up voids. Star gazing during the nights. Just walking and observing his or her own shadow on the ground right alongside. The world is filled with wonderments that will free the mind, body, spirit and soul.   





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