Living ageless and Grace

Living ageless and Grace

The grace that we receive through the veil as we see our way through love, truth, and consciously making change our friend is a blessing. Leaving behind the erroneous behaviors associated with unconsciously romancing unresolved hurts, and pains through investing in moral decay practices, running away from healing just gets entangled in  more of what is not wanted.  The high that comes with healing through loving awareness leads to transformations, and a plethora of Abundance health, happiness, joy etc.… The hard times in the game of life are by design and is the opportunity to win in the game at all cost. When we do not know who? Or, why? we are here we continue to nurture our flesh, but once we know who? We are by grace we anchor and nurture our soul there we can unlock our creative powers buried deep within. The catch- 22 of running around in circles chasing your own tail gets us dizzy, and disconnecting the internal compass gets us lost in the muck and mire. I can write a book on the effects of mutual trauma bonding. Attraction, and trusting people that have suffered trauma, too and watch that nightmare unfold…Lawd! Put them in the room together just watch trauma bonders pick each other to the bone non-stop. The all-time appeasing line“…I was just joking…”. Don’t kid yourself the truth comes out in a joke… Malicious gossip is their linguistics, for riding the looser train with the capital ‘L’ stamped on the forehead along with the rest of the character assassination losers. Sidebar (Doctors and Pills). A Leopard don’t change its spots…lol.  

2 Corinthians 12:9 But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness … 

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