Where to start? One way or the other either walking in Grace, Or, Falling from Grace. In my opinion the humble of heart rejoices, but the hellish of heart are opposed by the highest. Over the years people that I associate with tend to tell his/her narrative, and I can hear 100 ways of someone tolerating lying, cheating, and deceptions. The key question is: Why allow this irrational behavior? It is Obvio (obvious in Spanish) that there is a disconnection in the individual. Every color of Red so how many shades of red are you will to allow. The spinning hamster wheel of Self-destruction is just that a myriad of games a really sick sense of entitlement. To continue wreaking havoc in life. Life is a gift so precious. Yet, some people take pride is pissing it all away, for a few minutes of self-indulging all the time falling from Grace. The year 2020 is both eye-opening, and thought provoking. If, nothing has changed, and can be measured, for the better from the beginning of the Pandemic, and still continue to repeat same old patterns, behaviors, and habits something is really wrong as it relates to the internal and/or external locust of control. I can assure you that I wear face coverings something that was not a part of my life before the Pandemic. People have to level up because death is Permanent. Meanwhile, my chariot awaits me…I am excited not missing my alignments, opportunities, and manifesting’s…Free Will… 2 Corinthians 12:9 “… My grace is sufficient…”. King James version.

Handbook For The Recently Deceased|Happy Kid Press

The aforementioned book recommended, for families that loss loved ones during these trying times…click the button.

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