Living ageless and Grounding

So, it stands to reason that at some point we must tired ourselves of seeking out external solutions for internal problematic areas. Right? Forcing yourself to like people, situations, and circumstances that you don’t like. Seriously? Sci-fi foolishness of mixing up lotions, potions, and elixirs to force people to like you is ludicrous the excruciating anguish, and traumatic pains still remain from the past just eating up the insides like an aggressive cancer, which when people come into your life, and trigger those unresolved past traumas you should “Thank” them. There is no need to try to manipulate energies to get what you want because the dye has already been cast, and by being too lazy to do the spiritual journey. The cast dye just gets deeper and deeper under the skin, mind, body and soul expediting more trauma, drama, and madness.  No one has to be a rocket scientist to figure out reaping what you sow is real as life just blows up in your face. Unfortunately, I have witness someone that cried out for death, and death would not come talk about a nightmare just spent their life never doing right creating chaos, and turmoil, torment and torture gripped them on the death bed #smh…  Just continue the madness of cursing his/her own bloodline in the fiery lake… (Dip your fingers in the water come and cool my throat because I’m tormented in the flames) Bible Luke 16:24 … Really? This is what was done to the many gifts and blessings in life all because learning the lesson of pushing the ego (Easing God Out) far away as possible, get grounded standing in your own power and truth seeing self-worth was why? those people, situations and circumstances were put in your life in the first place. So comes the distorted attractions, and manifesting from the dye cast from the sunken place. A song one of my young cousins use to sing (The worms crawl in the worms crawl out into your belly and out of your mouth) …I have no clue where she heard that song, but it was horrifying to me. Yikes!


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