Living ageless and Harmony

I feel that my journey has brought me to give zero F___K’s about the silly stuff. I detest the idea of anyone stealing a space in my mind that is some crazy stuff to churn around in the fake reality of illusions. It is hard to believe that it even happened as, I continue to healing heartbreak telling my own truth of convincing myself that my experiences were real in my false pride days. Concerning myself with people stealing my essence and manipulating energy. Seriously? Old Behaviors, habits, and patterns that would ultimately lead them to the loss of his/her own spirituality Ouch! That’s got to hurt.  Harmony is at the top of my list of consciousness, and the manifestation of good vibrations in people, places, and situations where; I can freely celebrate with other pure souls. Spirits can dense the souls had my share of unloving spirits, and I am walking into being able to regulate unconditional love.  Knowing when to isolate, quarantine, discern etc… Spreading myself too thin will never again be an option.  It is all about balance in the relationship dynamics family, friends, and even foe just chuck them a bone send them on their merry way. They only want to take advantage of someone because someone is taking advantage of them skunk mentality just keep you unbalanced, jaded, and discombobulated misery loves company #smh.  Meanwhile, aww I will just continue to seek out Peace and harmony comfort to the soul. No fun being a tire when one’s born to be a steering wheel, but it takes being in unloving situations to truly capture the meaning of unconditional Love, and just knowing that healing bring about, and transmute Harmonious manifesting of people, situations, and circumstances rewards of  soul and  spiritual escrow.             

Spark in life…

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