Living ageless and Isolation

Since the pandemic the world has been under a microscope, for more than a year. In the beginning we were asked to buy into the idea of social isolation through social distancing. In some cases, Social isolation is voluntarily removing oneself from the general public, due to socialized generalized anxiety associated with depression. One year later; it is now an emotional isolation where people both voluntarily, and involuntarily remove oneself from the general public, due to various social and emotional factors. Unfortunately, add another layer of unhappy memories can resurface and take on the form of distress.  In emotional isolation sometimes people can cut off the unhappy memories on the surface, but the unhappy memories does not so easily let go of the individuals. Personally, I think that I fluctuate between the two social, and emotional isolation even before the pandemic. If you never had a birthday cake growing up…What would like look or feel like 20, 30, 40 etc.…years later? How would that show up? For instance, going to every birthday party never ever missing birthday parties just have to be the life of the party birthday celebrations. Then, one day out of nowhere the script flips, and this individual become a party crasher start going to birthday celebrations drinking too, and being obnoxious all because that unhappy memory surfaced with a vengeance anxiety, depression, and self-loathing void of any understanding of what? is fueling the nasty behaviors.  One minute the person loves birthday celebrations, and then that person just hate everything about a birthday celebration.  I think the Tom Hanks 1993 movie explains the emotional isolation best “My Life” he documented his life as he was diagnosed terminally ill from Cancer… In the movie Tom Hanks Cancer was directly related to his 7th birthday party, where his dad promised to give him a party with a clown, and the dad did no keep his promise to Tom Hanks, and it just ate Tom up literally with Cancer. Behavior modification puts me on notice about what; I need to change socially and/or emotionally.

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