Living ageless and Kindfulness

Acts of Kindfulness instructions are the subtle nudges in the middle of the night, or when you see someone with physical challenges struggling to get across the street, and just extend a helping hand no question asked. Moved with compassion to help out a stranger financially at the checkout counter when you see that someone does not have enough money to pay, for the groceries by offering to settle the balance. Acts of Kindfulness at times that matter help to raise the planet vibrations. They are the particles, and molecule properties ascribed in the freeze before the melt when people can become vulnerable enough to freely and fluidly receive and give love over fear to heal one another moving the energy field in a way that is Divinely guided, which is the catalyst to the awakening, and remaining woke thereafter working the assigned mission of ascension quiet happily behind the scenes all to return back home to a beautiful ordinary existence written across the milky way galaxy where the air is pure, and the keys of fear has no power over us. Only an array of brilliant colored transparent rainbow of pinks and green hues fill the star lite skies for all to see, where the harsh birth and death cycles are brought to an abrupt end only the harp sounds of grand risings frequencies fill the air. To Heal breaks in the upper regions of the heart space, and everything is exposing even the thoughts elicits specific colors that indicate the purity of the heart, and soul. Ultimately, the fat heart will be trimmed away, and unable able to stay, and returned back to spin the harsh birth and death cycles wheel of life to learn or be the lesson, Yet, again.


Stronger and wiser

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