Living ageless and Legacies


Oftentimes, we take so much for granted, and this morning; I made a conscious decision to remain in gratitude about one thing in my life for two minutes.  In my podcast earlier today, I spoke about we get to write our own story good, bad and the ugly… Living life to the fullest is a beautiful thing, and should not be missed because of the stories we tell ourselves.  The dead ends appear because we choose to attract that, and not learn the lesson so it then becomes cyclical “Same soup warmed over served in a different bowl” On and on it seems to go…. The only way out is reclaiming your throne, which is your heart. I have met some mean surly individuals in my life, but it always blows up in their faces…silly rabbits!!!… I do not waste time concerning myself with How? People decide to live their life because of the stories that they tell to themselves. Even when; I move I know that I can always go back home with the memories of my family, and how they nurtured me. In ways that; I still draw strength from because; I know that it was from a pure space.  Unfortunately, some people do not have those fond memories; so they just remain floundering around like a cold fish out of water looking, for other situations, people or circumstance to complete internal personal crisis that are seen in external identity crisis. I did not make myself… I was beautifully wonderfully made by Source, and I Love, honor, cherish, and protect all parts of myself as, I synergize good and positive vibrations out into the world. “We get to write our own story” is a celebration in and of itself as, I toy with my pink lily water pad of Peace and Harmony. 

 This is my podcast about the stories we tell ourselves, which ultimately lead to the legacy we leave behind. Building good memories to take with me to my next lifetime.

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