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I would suggest to anyone that is considering researching his/her genealogy begin with the Mormon archives. I would say that is the world’s largest, and very easy to use; I might add. From there the next step is to decide which research would come first the Mother side? Or, Father side? In my case I went with the one that piqued my interest the most, which was my mom’s side of the family. I used “JSTOR” quite a bite. I can assure you that once the genealogy Pandora box is opened it takes on a life all of its own by becoming a quest for more knowledge. One trail after another. One lead after another to get down to the an-thesis, of Why? And How? I am this person in all of my grandeur, and being able to pass this torch on to the rest of the family is a legacy in and of itself. The whole idea of being able to know and understand the questions about the family history is a part of the Universal records. In my mind too many people are willing to skip class when it comes to researching family histories, which contributes to so many people living fragmented lives. Identifying family blood ties are a healing garden to the soul. So many people buy into the fact that seeking the ancestors; for divine guidance is wicked, but I do not feel that way because it was a clandestine way historically that some cultures were being cut off early from their roots. First, stolen from the land, and being paralyzed by fear. To deter curiosity of acquiring information that would solidify his/her human existence just keep people at a lost, and support a second-class citizenship ideology. All of which is problematic internally and externally just not knowing the truth. Hence, the antique road shows that have found a clever way of putting price tags on family heirlooms, artifacts, objects, and items. In some cases, they become a part of a museum exhibit, which is then attached to a mock and/or skewed narrative of how? these objects, artifacts, heirlooms and items were obtained by the museums. Another family history gets stolen, and sold to the highest bidder, for monetary gains at the expense of innocent families. I quote: The Declaration of Independence.  “Life, Liberties, and the pursuit of Happiness”.   

Do the research it is a Win Win situation for the entire family…

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