Living Ageless and Long-suffering

Many people love blurting out the fruit of the spirits, (Newsflash) Long-suffering is one of the fruits of the spirit, too. I think that we can weather the storms of life that comes with Long-suffering standing in your own power and truth with style, flare, and class is our divine rights. Playing new games, but not the same games is so empowering to oneself by cutting off energies that no longer protect, profess, or provide from the past to celebrate life moving forward in a positive direction. Contrary to popular beliefs, many people have cut down their own trees of Peace and spiritual prowess leaving them a “hot mess”, depressed, or despondent in life. “Not my monkey not my show”. To reap hardships in life is cause and effect in motion. No back flips for me dealing with the residuals of poor decisions like the Chinese water drip torture. Instead, grow and learn from the bull shit, and initiate a next steps. Cutting people and situations off is easy because they probably handed you the scissors in the first place.   

I can only imagine


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