Living ageless and Manassas

I claim victory because, I am one of the Highest Miracles through Christ Consciousness mastering the pentacles of all elements earth, wind, fire, and air in the New Testament of the Bible.  The Old Testament where the Patriarchal way of life ruled and reign, and women were internalized misogyny incapable of standing in their own power and truth, and patronized male dominance, dominion, disgrace. Even today we still see woman selling what men continue to buy…The loose marbles continue to roll around the floor of their own distorted reality of powerless perceptions. According too; “Genesis 41:51 Joseph named Manasseh meaning “God has made me forget entirely my troubles and my father’s house”; Many women are taking back their power walking through the doors of value coming into agreement gathering all of the loose marbles, and fusing them together under high heat to make themselves whole again abandoning old stereotyped human purpose, and the weak of heart to become strong through the alone impulsive desire of entering through, the Lion’s gate of the New Testament of Christ Consciousness to a Divinely guided Evolution Purpose is where, we build Good Memories to take with us into the next lifetime. The process is a long lonely road where we find the courage in decency and order to block, delete, and move forward to leave behind all of the human suffrage of the past. Release weeping wounded hearts by clicking the history, then the undo button to forgive our self, for what was done in our past unconsciously, or subconsciously shackles choosing lust and war over love and peace before the awakening. Unfortunately, some people will continue to fall on their lack of confidence, esteem, security swords by their own free will not willing to face their shortcomings that keeps them stuck in the past never committing to their Health and Happiness.  

Friendly separations friendships, relationship, partnerships are to be admired when people put aside their differences, and set healthy boundaries because fighting to keep anger, resentment, and unforgiveness you get to keep that foolishness…case in point!!!  

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