Living ageless and Memories

Memories are made every day good, bad or the ugly. It is all that we have to take with use to a next lifetimes. I am releasing what no longer serves me, and all that I am left with is good memories, because I refuse to sow seeds into anymore bad, or ugly memories. I leave that, for those that continue to manifest bad and ugly memories to take with them to the next lifetime. It is not reinventing the wheel just following the laws of reaping what you sow because there are consequences to come, for our actions and feelings trapped in the subconscious mind. Yet, these unfortunate behaviors are played out in the real world. I get exhausted just thinking about creating any bad or ugly memories that is my past learned lessons no need for repeat performances here. “A warning goes before destruction” … I shudder at the very idea of not listening to my own inner voice at this age and stage of my life. Fighting to keep bad, and ugly memories you get to keep them all to yourself. “…I been through the desert on a horse with no name…” America 1971 lyrics  

I loved this song in high school, but I never really listened to the lyrics before now. I guess because now the importance of the cycle of death we fear it, time we never think that we have enough of it, Love we all want it in our life…surrender to healing as much as you can to stay the course. The desert is scorching hot, and if the horse get away he has no name to call him back.

The desert turned to the sea…

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