Living ageless and Mortality

Living ageless and Mortality Crossing over the Rainbow bridge and looking down, and observing the chasms of life lived. The view is a clear picture of what really mattered in our life possibly ranging from shallow to steep, and how? That fed into the life experiences with people, circumstances, and situations. Coming down to the wire seeing our own mortality, and getting a bird’s eye view of the 1981 “On Golden Pond” movie featuring actors Jane, and Henry Fonda epitomize “Elder Love”is in strong support of putting an end to telling other people what to do, stop passing judgement, and most of all make peace with self, circumstances, and situations… The need to play the blame game with others diminishes when we chose Love and Peace as we get to write our own story, and enter into the lit tunnel of Magical Blessings that come with standing in our own power and truth. Dying and death is inevitable, and our footprints are permanently washed away from planet earth… “Let me take this in for a minute”.  The power, pleasures, and pain peel back the chasms of life are all a part of the design of reaping and sowing…Cause and effect…connect and disconnect etc.… All guiding us to the bright light vibrations of order somewhere in middle of all the chaos.  The world has changed so much; I was taught things are in Black or white, and there is no gray area. However, I think that the world is traveling along the gray areas through the illusions that have been present, for so many years.  Nothing really caste in cement, but the world is now in a fluid age where the illusions has left many people both dazed and confused.  As it relates, to motives and ill-intent of hate that have mask the ground floors motif for far too long.    

Gotta get it right…

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