Living ageless and New Direction

As, one of my cousins would have it on her twitter “Don’t follow me I might not know where I am going”. (lol)…I am very flighty so I don’t do burdens very well. I leave that to other people just not a place that; I am comfortable with in being trapped sucks. Especially, when free will as at your fingertips. I think mental incarcerations are the worst like having the cartoon Homer Simpson running with your hair on fire. New beginnings with new direction are becoming a part of the young school aged children new norm. The way school lessons are being taught virtually! Hey, I learned about texting messages after the 2005 gulf coast regions devastations. So, what use to work yesterday is just old news. Growing older and bolder is important the younger years came with many challenges that I had to overcome, Don’t get it twisted because; I did not come through the fire unscathed, which is why healing and self-care is so important, and really the only things that really matters to me. The pandemic has taught me so many lessons, it is well worth walking through the doors of value exploration, and wonderment to the other side of my mind of self-worth. I had a studio with some wonderful paintings before the 2005 devastations, and I never tried to replace them before now. Therefore, I am putting that back on the table because, I am more than certain that my art interpretations have change in a new direction from a surrealist to a surrealist reality? My guesstimate is I will have to see what falls off of my hands onto the canvas. Nonetheless, it is a new directions because the visual art skill did not go anywhere, just laid dormant while I do my thing like slay a few dragons in the castle. “LIFE IS A HIGHWAY”   


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