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So, I often wonder why? people do not use life to the fullest. Oftentimes, when all we have to do is wipe away all of the smoky fog, and finger prints right in front of us on the glass window pain/pane to our way to see clear again. The mind and the body are not separate, but the two are really just one. The need to heal the body can superseed the healing the mind, and that only create an unbalance, unstable pathway where more struggles and strife just add up leaving no room for health, and happiness.  The place where ego, and control becomes the benefactor of a really rotten toxic life. It is all about balance through it all. In 1975 a band named “Parliament Chocolate City” said it best, “…if it don’t fit don’t force it relax and let it flow…”. The term is not just sexual in nature it encompasses life in and of itself. The lessons of life are long and painful to say the very least because when we go through it some people just shit on us to make things even worse. I certainly do not have all of the answers because; I became good at poking the bear, too. It was part of my cleaning off the smudged window pains/pane of my childhood past of holding on to the unprocessed stuff.  The need to exercise just the physical muscles is one thing, but the mental muscles must be seen as a place of allowing the unconscious mind to feed the subconscious the unprocessed narratives, and the brain stem that does not know time can then start pushing up and clearing away the brain fog of those narratives to the conscious mind to be fully processed in a way that benefits the world through your temple path in creative ways some even unknown to mankind in a different timeline. Therefore, no need to judge anyone life it is them optimizing his/her life in the way that best suites them be it good, bad,or indifferent.

I love and approve of myself

louise Haye

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