Living ageless and Overrated

Yes, I said it family is sometimes overrated. The sad part about all of this is the family member that I am referring to forego every chance of being happy. So, this youngster just continues to manifest every worse scenario. I get that his mom exemplifies narcissist, and the years of this young individual being affected by the gas lighting in his early childhood that is now his blueprint to reckless and disastrous behavior is overwhelming.  Actually, I think that he is even addicted to evil people and situations. I am sure that Faith will see him through, but for right now he is in a mind, body, and spirit storm he must find the courage to forgive his past inside. The lying is the worse part of this situation because; I see right through them, and he believe his own hype. He most always apologies, and then I am forced to forgive his past transgressions. Only, for him to start the cycle of misdeed, and lying about it all over again. The triggers just seem to continue to add up. I just cannot even get a grip; nor  do I really want to know what? is causing the irrational behaviors. I just would like to see overcome and completion just like the pandemic. I know my limits, and the need to continue forgiving is just not anything that; I want to do at this time with this young one because I am only human flesh and blood on a unconditional love journey to free my spirit and soul from my own shame, guilt, and judgement. I would like to see him ask for forgiveness from the higher powers, and evolve from this seemingly reptilian consciousness. I now have utmost respect for my late grandparents because they were always so kind and loving to all of the grandchildren. It was all so effortless to embrace the grandchildren, and meet them where they were. I had one cousin Bernadine we use to call her Bunny, and she was diagnosed terminally ill with Cancer at fifteen years old back in the 1960’s there was not much research out, but I remember her having a big mane of hair on her head, and she would always complain of her scalp itching. My late grandmother a visionary with her, arthritis hands would grab that bar of Castile soap, and wash Bunny hair every time, she was in need of some relief. I can still see the smile on Bunny’s face while getting her hair washed. My late grandmother knew that her granddaughter was not going to make it much longer; It was just a matter of When?  It was all in Divine Timing as is everything in life is finding the courageous heart of self-love, and truth to lift the veil and see through the nasty, stank, trashy illusions sinking in a boat filled with muddy murky water. There is no easy fix to take the pain away when seeing only the pain inside we lose the sight of walking the calming waters with trust and Love. If we are not able to resolve those past hurts, and pain we forget what we were made for. It is a lonely road for us as we open the window to our Breath of Life Purpose through Love awareness it all begins with forgiveness let the healing waters flow.  

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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