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It took a long time to this poised state of being through patience. I guess it comes with the passing of time living life like it’s golden. I am over so much, and it behooves me to acknowledge it. So many people have life and bullshit mixed up #smh. “Pigs in the Parlor”, I read that book years ago, and today; I see so much turbulence that I read in that book years ago come to pass. It is scary to even think that magnitude of corruption, confusion, and dubious behaviors exist amidst the many moving pieces among humanity. I guess it is how? The last four years happened to the United States of America!?. Reptile consciousness based nature individuals once kept the playing field uneven on the devil’s play grounds. “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 14:13-15). The spike in numbers of young children committing suicide because of cyber bullies is really sad… I guess it is just GLANDULAR to be so darn hollow. This is serious that jealousy, envy, and resentment among humankind is affecting the young, and even younger minds. Disgraceful stealing peace among school aged children to satisfy some unnatural urge really sucks. A man from prison told me that he asks the other inmates, “How many minutes did it take you?” …  Probably 1 or 2 minutes of impulsivity bought him “Life” in prison. I guess we should all ask ourselves that same question… How long? And the next question to follow is … Who knew? Meanwhile, I will just keep practicing being poised. Besides, it just feels better with the pandemic wreaking havoc upon so many unassuming minds. “Obedience is greater than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22). My biggest fear is not in what people can do to me, I quote: “A dog return to its vomit” (2 Peter 2:22) ,but what the most high can allow to happen to me, for disobedience.

“Staying Poised to not be destroyed”

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