Living ageless and Reciprocity

The law of equal give and take. Citrus Parabus all things being equal…Why Does an uneven playing field even exist? Givers and takers are what create the uneven playing field in the first place. My late mom would say, “…You pick and pick until you pick Shit…”. I think that best describe takers eventually they get their come upping’s probable 10x times worse than they can even imagine. In my mind I think the scales gets balanced because all of the emotions that are put into other people life by takers, it stands to reason that they must feel every one of those emotions of reaping what was sewn. Cause and effect, which is why some people can easily walk into the doors of value because of what? They endured in some turbulent situations. Investing in emptiness only gets you more emptiness cold, calculating dark hearts. I can assure you takers would rather chew glass than apologize or admit to wrong doings such a waste. The best advice; I give to anyone dealing with someone zapping their energy is set boundaries and get away from them quick treat them like the leprosy they are. Give yourself an attaboy treat yourself well for triumphing over something or someone met to take your down a long dark hall. One of the best decisions ever choosing yourself, and not settling for the undesirables’ mind games. Slam dunk!       

So Done…

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