Overcoming Challenges


Why Reflections? After giving that question some thought. I realized that this is something; I thought that if I would turn my head the opposite way that it would magically disappear. In honor of my late dad James Walter Washington. A man that drank too much, chased after too many skirts, and had a very bad gambling addiction. I gave my dad hall passes because of his hard beginnings his mom abandoned him on the back of a fruit truck when he was born, and she later died cold drunk lying in the gutter. A neighborhood lady claimed him as her own. Therefore, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins were not my biological family. Nonetheless, they were family. My great-grandfather went on to have six more sons with six different women. They all knew each other, and so did me and my siblings. All seven boys were merchant marines with names that described the life as a merchant marine my late dad nickname was “Rat Titty”, another bother “Rivers” “Waters” another so on…My dad was a World War II Veteran a sergeant in the army, and my mom a pocket taper in a sewing factory piece work, for military uniforms shirts. The two were married for eight years before having any children. One boy and three girls. In pecking order, I am the youngest, and was seen as the love child because that was probably the last time that my parents lived full-time under one roof together. My grandfather on my mom’s side a man of the cloth prophesied “Favor” over my life at a very early age, and the rest of the family followed that understanding from the Patriarch. Psalm 105:15 “…Touch Not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm…”. I receive so much Love, and Light from my family, and friends. I digressed years later when, I was expected my first born, and my second sister was expecting her second born…What we did not know was my dad’s girlfriend was with child, too. He never told us anything just took us shopping for baby clothes, and showered us with gifts. Maybe he was overcompensating, for his error in judgement. In his 60’s and a girlfriend in her 30’s? Merchant Marines are gone for long periods of time, but when he came back home, she was with child, and he was told it was his?! My dad was responsible and begin sending her child support checks when the baby was born. My dad died of bone cancer it was a slow death. I watched him deteriorate daily, but he remained in good spirits. The cancer just severed his shoulder bone, and his arm was just hanging., (That memory grip both of my shoulders), My dad told me when; I was seven years old that when he dies cremate his remains, and throw his ashes in the river. What was cremate?!  So, a day or two after his death the girlfriend on the other end of the telephone was her asking when can I sign papers, for her to get Social Security checks for the little boy. WTF?, The nerve of that heifer, but my dad told her that I would be the only sibling that; she could come to for the signing. I had to honor my dad’s last wishes. I stayed at the hospital, and when he was home the cancer craved baked potatoes every day. I had to bake a potato every day, and bring it to him. The morphine was frying his brain so; I would have to go over to his house to hang up the telephone that he accidentally did not hang up properly. She; never cared it was about the Child support checks. I took a deep breath gave her clear instructions to meet me at the City Hall building, and that; I would comply with her wishes. (Citrus Para bus all things being equal) … She was eager to let me know that the little boy need to spend time with us…That is where the fucking buck stops…Clearly, she knew that; I knew that child had never been given a DNA test, but my dad in the midst of all of his junk was a man of integrity…In that, moment the girlfriend and her child was given walking papers. I was only following my dad’s wishes doing the right thing. My dad was dealt a hard hand in life, but he was able to power through adversity with a 3rd grade education from the South. I quote; “…Being a merchant marine I travel the world see beautiful parts, and get paid very well for the privilege…”.  (Late James Walter Washington) I had his passport with all of his travels stamped on it, Sadly,  it was destroyed in a storm. My dream is to one day locate a copy of his passport and travel to all of those exotic parts of the world. I’ve been to the Virgin Islands twice love it there. He was my dad and I still Love him very much.


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