Living ageless and Regrets

Regrets are a waste of time. Dragging stuff around that just keeps wearing you down is tragic. Regrets leave very little time for the fun things in life. “Woe is me” song … “I am distressed, sad, and grieved” Don’t forget to play the violin while repeating the Woe is me song lines. The clock is still clicking on the wall, and life continue to move on for the rest of the world. When we make poor decisions in life crying over spilled milk just wipe it up and keep going. I use to have regrets about people, and situations in life, but I finally learned the right way to make peace with my decisions through forgiveness, and bringing closure my way which is best for me because moving on in life is most important. Whatever happened was because; I allowed it to be so in some way, shape, fashion or form, and I am willing to absorb it. Blaming others, for our own shortcomings is just a foolish mind game that we play. We all fall down at some point in our life. Or, sometimes people are bold enough to put us in check because it is just not okay to mess over people’s life “Eat a rock”?. I just finished listening to the song lyrics by Jazmine Sullivan University “Pick Up Your Feelings”. It got my mind right… Actually, I listened to the lyrics twice.

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