It is not always easy to explain the importance of releasing old issues, and situations. If, not that stuff just keeps playing out over and over. Same old soup warmed over in a different bowl. “…I’ll play new games not the same games…”. I think the Pandemic way of life is a good thing for some people. In my past people, situations, and the silly behaviors just get stuck in my craw thinking about it. One unhealthy boundary after another inappropriate and unacceptable conversations after another. I think the changes will allow families to reposition What? family gatherings with so many moving pieces impact. How? will families have to navigate. What? The future of festive events will look like in the future… My feelings on holidays changed years ago because some people just do not qualify to remain in my life and/or space. It is really easy like dropping a set of keys to the floor walk away, and never look back because you will get a crook in your neck. Oh! cutting people off is probably because they handed you the scissors. Learning to like people that you do not like in the first place go along to get along sucks in the worse way. Instead: look for time well spent so happy those days are behind me…I put kibosh on that past madness. Musical group War 1971 song (Slipping into Darkness)

I am convinced that the Pandemic has many people trapped into mental and emotional incarceration which is the worse because we put ourselves there. I see that families are breaking down behind money. Contrary to popular beliefs, walking forward while your feet are turned backwards is damn disgusting eyes on the prize moving forward. Yet, your feet are taking you the opposite way. Releasing the trash forgive people and yourself because nothing was done to you that was not allowed!!!.

Conversation with self

“Own It”

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