Living ageless and Religion

The onset of pandemic has cause me to make some changes in my life. I do not make it a habit to talk about Religion for several reasons. I have seen over the years some heated arguments happen due to marginalizing or magnifying religious points-of-view.  However, as I read this book “What Happened to You” by @oprahwinfrey and @DrBrucePerry has open my eyes to things that I did not think about before. Also, I watched the documentary “We were children” on @prime I quote from the book “…We can have feelings without being disabled…”. Therefore, people gravitate to a religious practice that is best suited for them at the time of the self-actualization, and that can change as the person grow in clarity and understanding. I have seen so many marriages, and relationships come to an impasse, due to a clash in a religious belief…which is so unfair because the two people come from different backgrounds, beliefs systems, and cultural differences the trajectory of various changes pile up, and that is irrelevant the picture is so much bigger to the Authentic journey. Yet, it can become the dark side of gloom, for families destructions. Therefore, no matter the difference of the religious backgrounds if the relationship is not co-dependent, then it can still soar as the two people remain loyal, and independent in their religious foundation “…Grow where you are planted…” The pandemic is definitely an eye-opening experience. I think even the idea of two people being equally yoked is changing, due to what turn some people health has taken in the long haul of the pandemic. Being “Happy” is what many of us seek in this life. However, that can get shattered when young children are betrayed by their caregivers, and they are forced to find a way to dig themselves out of a dark hole of a problematic reality that was done to them by someone they trusted.

“What Happened to You?”

We must pray for the Children

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