Living ageless and Resilience

We really do not know the internal or external challenges that individuals are having. I had to reflect with what is going on in Houston, Texas the people are having to find ways to survive through some of the hardest conditions, the Mayor quit? lack of water? lack of food? lack of heat? Pandemic? Life can change just like that. I have a best friend we met in the delivery room 7/11/79. Our babies were born ten minutes apart and we stayed friends. Unfortunately, her beautiful baby girl only lives thirty days. Once a month we go out, for drinks, or whenever. By then, she was divorced single mom of three children. I recall one time she told me that; she had some hard decisions. In order to go out she skipped paying her utility bill. She just wanted to get dressed and have time for enjoyment. The next day she knew her lights were going to be disconnected for non-payment, but that was the consequences of her decision to have one night of enjoyment. What do you think that she did in the face of adversity?   First, she ordered a pizza, and set the table, for her and the three babies. The utility company pulled up to turn off her utilities. The driver man asked her, why did you not pay your bill? Her response, “I just wanted to go out and have fun with my best friend all I ever do is work hard” The man was moved with compassion, and he did not turn off her utilities. That Monday morning, she received an unexpected check in the mail, and was able to satisfy her outstanding bill it was her strong Faith. I cannot imagine what the people in Houston, Texas is feeling, but it has to be troubling not seeing an end to all of this. We are faced with challenges, and sometimes we think that so many people have it easy, but many times people are put in burdensome positions, and the best that they can do is find a way to land on their feet. Faith will see us through.     

We make plans, but the most high makes decisions

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