Living Ageless and Resistance

Oftentimes, people are put into our lives to understand the importance of unconditional love in the way that is prescribed.  To resist the temptation of overdoing in the name is love takes courage. This is true for family, friends, and foes. A family member and house guess for the last four months made it apparent that the line must be drawn in the sand at some certain time the cord must be cut which is why? that person is on the Greyhound bus this morning at 9:00 am. Loving a person enough to let them go is the best medicine ever. Especially, if the individuals spiraling out-of-control  from whatever and/or whomever.  The method to the madness is to let that problem not become your problem. Or, fall of the cliff into the abyss with them in the slow suicide.  The day to day challenges of uncertainties because there is defiantly a deep rooted reckoning looming inside and outside of that tortured soul.  There is power in Resistance. Loving something or someone more than oneself is ludicrous. I offer myself cups of love everyday as; I continue to close books in my own personal life…It is the greatest prescription of all.   

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