Living ageless and Self-Worth

 Self-worth is a sidebar staple on a productive, and learned lesson lifestyle. I thought about this long and hard because self-worth is the power horse to the deeper, we go within the more perfectly equitable we become. As a result, we eliminate the need to attract disastrous outcomes situations and/or circumstances. I learned that lesson a long time ago when a friend of mine was really desiring to get married to the man of her dreams. However, an ultimatum was placed on the table, for her to lose weight… Recently, she had a wind fall of money come her way which made the monies readily available, for her to make that happen quick, fast and in a hurry body change… She found a doctor that would perform a gastric sleeve by pass surgery, and her weight loss would be easy-peasy, and she would soon become a wife y to the man of her dreams…with the passing of time the surgery was performed, and she was looking forward to her special day. Right? The gray cloud still loomed over her head as the problems of her traumatized and wounded childhood that led to her food addictions in the first place was still making itself known. Therefore, she continued to over eat and the surgery was undone. Now, the wedding was called off, due to her lack of self-discipline. The fact of the matter dude never intended to marry that young lady; she was just a side piece, and some fun entertainment to stroke his raggedy ego. The abandonment issues from her past encompassed her in fear of loosing a man that was never hers caused this young woman to mismanage her funds, and forgo her own self-respect in the community because everyone watched her pack on the pounds again, and he went on gallivanting to his fickle life with his fickle wife. Simply stated: “…Whatever we do in life do it because it serves your own highest good…”, of honoring, respecting, and loving self it is the only way to reach the pentacle of reciprocity where we attract the Blessing of strong friendships, relationships, and partnership connections standing in your own power and truth never having to shrink good common sense, morals, or values to make someone else happy at the expense of our own self-worth.



A WORD FROM THE WISE; “A good run is better than a hard stand”.   

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