So, why are so many people still angry with their parents parenting skills?! I think about that so differently these days. If everything is by design the landscape is determined by the most high of how many? Teachers, Preachers, doctors etc…will decorate the tapestry of the world.  It is like a lawyer son that decide to follow in his/her daddy’s footsteps, and become a lawyer.  After many years of law study, internships, and then the test come along, and they just cannot quite pass the bar exam to become a lawyer like dear old dad. What next? Go on the Dr. Phil and spew venom across the stage at his/her dad for their own shortcomings. Oh…that sounds like a workable plan point the finger put some guilt into other people lives. I can assure you upon entering the prisons the majority of prisoners have family horror stories to tell. The other side of that coin be brave enough to do something different make better choices. However, easier said than done where there is so much moral decay. Some education institution, for elementary school aged children have black tape on the floors of the school halls, and the children are instructed to place one hand on the child in front of them shoulder to walk the straight line. In other words form a unique chain gang. The conditioning ingrained in the young, and even younger minds begins really early on in life with a cracked up jacked up foundation. At home? or, at school? even worse in both places, and eventually the system becomes a new re-parenting and/or social development at the expense of hard earned tax dollars. We need to get the right people in the right positions.


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