Human suffrage have been since the beginning of time. Mental, emotional and most of all physical. The way that; I see it suffering evoked from the subconscious and/or unconscious fluid movements in the mind if not resolved like one of those 1970’s glass filled lamp with blue liquid lava lamps facilitate a space in between the two that constitutes how? severe the physical outcome will be. By the time that the affliction surface in the physical in some cases can be deterred through internal work as a star seed that reconnect one with the source. The blueprint etched deep into the seeking soul will guide one to restore his/her destiny.  The other side of the coin is lean into the suffering attract undesirable people and situations that will orchestrate perpetual pivotal parades of non-stop allegory caves. WTF? Conditioning just walking around that cave looking at the shadows on the wall with the fool notion of never getting out is such a waste of time. I know it really sucks. Until; that one day someone take that leap of Faith and pull themselves out of the damn allegory cave nightmare.  Releasing that heavy, and resolving the light in one’s own life spells Victory. Freeing oneself from the river of suffering is the ultimate because the heavy only brings more and more pain and continuously sip, sip, sip…from the river of suffering.

Choose Peace

The United States of America has been under 4 years of mental, emotional and Narcissistic Abuse. Many of the collective are not aware of what was taking place, but it was extreme abuse.

The Alchemist | Paulo Coelho
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