Living Ageless and Summer Haze

The idea of trying to get someone to care for you is both exhausting and ludicrous. I received a letter from someone physically incarcerated, but was mentally incarcerated long before, which is another story. I wrote back to the person because my heart was telling me to. My first words were say, “…I WAS WRONG…” ,We spend an insurmountable amount of time asking and/or telling people to apologize because of stale traditions, and in a lot of cases people will mimic/repeat in Psychology mimicking what your hear is considered a diagnosed disorder call “Echolalia”…”…I APOLOGIZE,,,” . So, you get the apology …What next?  The problematic area is much deeper than a few words, for the broken heart and wounded. Self-love, self-respect and self-care are so important to our emotional development, and well-beings. Or else that beau-coup of old wounds weaved and wrapped around germinating past hurts, pains, and anger is taking root. Funny how that all works because your life is not your own until you love your way back to wholeness. If not, just remain a judgmental asshole of other people life while turning your back on your own shortcomings.  Lessons learned in life can hurt a lot in the long run it is well worth it to break free from those chains, and run like hell out of the summer haze.   

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I was just invited to a retreat where there will be spiritual teachers off to the “Milky Way”

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