Living ageless and Timeless

Looking around everything is timeless, for our souls do not live by only we as humans live by time. The question is How? Are we choosing to live that time? We cannot get time back yesterday end last night. We cannot recapture what was lost. At times, Our free will collides with unconscious impulsiveness. Oftentimes, entrapment’s are self-imposed, and how? We handle those self-entrapment’s are through the subconscious mind where our repeat performances of actions and feeling are stored, and our real or imagined fears set precedence. The human consciousness expands through all of the illusions in truth and love. As we open up our hearts to receive the “Tree of Life” abundance. Many try to cross over the “Rainbow Bridge” with or without Grace that leads to the tree separating the wheat from the tares in the book of Matthew. The bridge will collapse if weighted by the sack of fears evoked by the heavy burden, porous illusion bricks. The journey of Life is not to be played with because it is a gift that should be cherished, lived consciously, and independently in unconditional Love, for self, and kindfulness for all living things. Standing in your own power and Truth utilizing the laws of the Universal energy life force, for others hearings. Triumph over the heavy fetters of this world lying, manipulating, stealing etc.… “Either be or learn the lesson”. The wheel of Justice being served for How? We chose to live this life is either feed or starve the soul. “Some people think their success depends on other people failure”, sad but it is true. “A cheater never wins”. Surround yourself with your soul tribe, and enjoy the timeless fruits of the Spirit of Abundance, for all eternity. Surrender to the Blessings, Miracles, and even the mysteries. Then, the journey was well worth it. 

Thank you for gifting me these books to my E. Rud love my soul tribe…

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