So, today I decided to take a little time out of my day to connect to what? Gratitude truly mean to me reflections are really important. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is a crucial step to spiritual attainment. As a result, we find ourselves in the throes of friendships and relationships where we accept what we think we deserve in friendships or relationships …Now, digest that for a minute meet people where they are in life. For some odd reason, you feel unworthy love or happiness you invite drama subconsciously/unconsciously/consciously the drags of society and/or sewage crew to come right in sit right down. Watch the shit hit the fan gutter people in motion. Who knew?! So, you pull out pure id handkerchief taking on the victim role crying your eyes balls out. Time not well spent with silly questions to the perpetrators like “Why are you doing this to me? …I am a good person…”. “THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT”.
GO TELL THAT SHIT TO SOMEONE WHO GIVE A DAMN… The mean surly people have a favorite four letter word…NEXT. The vampires just move on to the next victim everyday is Halloween for them. The mind will definitely play tricks on you. Usually, these situations come in our life to make us go deeper which is where you will become more perfectly equitable. Otherwise, you can become like a spider when the legs are pulled away from the body, and just die 1,000 human deaths. Or, flip the script… LIFE IS A GIFT!!!

Keep in mind that we attract what we think we deserve. Simply stated: So when you fall in Love with yourself you can freely receive and give Love. You choose Love? or, Hate? I do not know your life like that. Forgiveness must happen first before divinely guided sacred alignments can or will manifest. Finding creative ways to Thank the boogers For-giving mental, emotional, spiritual, financial etc…breakdowns is so liberating, and clarity is even better. I can recall back in the 1990’s I read this book actually it fell off of the book store shelf hit me on pinky toe, and I thought it was some omen for me to read it so I did. “WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES”. The stories and myths are though provoking.

Being on the Karmic wheel is no fun.

I am enjoying this beautiful Fall weather in Gratitude Earthing time well spent with the ancestors, Father sky, and Mother Earth gazing upon the Memorial tree.

Great lyrics by songbird Avery Sunshine

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