To push through the pain of past hurts, anger, and fears are excruciating. How can we accomplish shading those old thick skins, and knowing who? And what? To trust in this part of life. In my opinion one must find his/her own fine line to mend one’s own broken and wounded wills.  I am more than certain a surge of positivism will return to your life at any age.  How does one mend his/her own broken will one stitch at a time. (Citrus Parabus) all things being equal. According to the Bible: Haggai 2:9 (The latter years will be far greater than the formal years). It is like looking at the clouds in the sky turn away for a few minutes and the cloud form has changed we don’t really see it but just know that it just is. Following our own intuition and trusting our own self to know that something greater than us is at work through the clouds energy. It is entirely too hard to live in the world with a heavy heart day after day no joy, peace, or happiness.  The only way to avoid  living unhappy is to not do the internal work that will free you from so many imagined anxieties, aggravations, and anger. It can be challenging to trust when sometimes our own upbringing was not a trusting environment. We learn to hide and lie sometimes at a very early age that behavior can lead us to some not so nice long and winding difficult roads.   


The long and winding roads can sometimes lead to nowhere, and everywhere all at the same time. Oftentimes, those roads can open the door to spirit guides, and angles that can help us become ascending masters. Therefore, nothing in our life is wasted. Even with the ups and downs I am learning to appreciate the hand that; I have been dealt in this life. Releasing the pain and anger is for my higher good. Learn to trust the process drop the guilt and shame of the past.Truth be told: Many of our egos convinced us to take on shame and guilt that was not even ours, and it just manifested one burden after another in our own life. Learn to trust that gut feeling called intuition, and steer clear of the foolishness. Pollute the mine with Positivity “…Just sayin…”

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