in quoting my Grandfather: “A bad friend is like having a bunch of ants in your chest you can feel them biting, but not really see them to knock them off. Until it is too late”.

Late Reverend Anderson Smith

Standing in your own power and truth takes discernment, As it relates, to giving your truth away because that can come with a heavy price tag. Giving your truth away to the wrong person can cause your life to crash and burn with the quickness. Bogus people and situations are placed in our life to help us paint a masterful picture as part of the most highest Master plan. Painful as it is the nailing to the cross on Calvary hurts just as much coming out of the flesh as it is going into the flesh.  Golgotha the place of the skull where; we have to lay naked and face the hard times ahead, for disobedience of chasing the fools goal.  The boldness of our birthright is to shine as a king or Queen in the Chess game of life strategies his or her next move win or lose “It’s how you play the game” … “Followers” or, “Foe” there is no gray area either one or the other.

Turning Pain into Pleasure is a landscape, and pathway to our once troubled soul.




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