Living Ageless and Ungrateful

I know the topic is a little just a little negative, but it is true there are truly some ungrateful people in the world we live in. Ungratefulness is so deeply rooted in some people until it hurts just to see them coming near you. Especially when ungrateful grow fruits of arrogance…According to the Bible: Sirach 10:13 (Arrogance is a reservoir for sin). Just open that door and watch the night mare of being dragged to hell and back unfold, and roll out (Newsflash) “…The devil never change we do…” Once, the dust settles, and the individuals try to get things right looking at themselves in the mirror, and a light has been shined upon past mistakes standing strong and holding themselves accountable for the reckless and riotous life is not easy running behind the mirror to not see one’s own reflection is prideful, and no good can come of that behavior just more drama, distractions, and destruction. The only fight that matters is the fight to earn your own soul. Anything aside from this is just smoking mirrors. Then, step outside of the mirror a new creature, exceedingly abundantly and be the person that you were designed to be your best-self standing in your own power and truth. Or, keep running around in a miserable lack luster state of confusion of loss, lack, and sadness. The icing on that cake with trick candles is convincing yourself that this is the be-all end-all of life. Patience is definitely a virtue dealing with this out-of-control young family member. I get tried everyday with it, and I am building a really high SIB Seeing is Believing wall just to observe the immaturity madness stemming from unresolved childhood abandonment issues. The shade past happened, and what the heck are you going to do better from this day forward?! Meanwhile, I will hold tight to this patience in abundance while sitting at the top of this SIB Seeing is believing wall watching the young immaturity madness daily back flips, hand springs, and somersaults OMG #SMH. However, I am still hopeful, and keeping the Faith pulling for this young one to get it right one step at a time.

I will not be defeated in my journey!!!

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