Or, should I say cracked vessels? Kudos to the individuals that never get cracked, chipped, or crushed. That is to be admired, but in my mind a bit unrealistic. Our birth charts are very precious. I think some individuals volunteer to be born, and others just went. If, and when we graduate from the school of earth choosing to never return back to earth never to face those agonizing karmic cycles because we at some point and time in life choose to get things right through finding our souls vibe tribes while on earth is what raises the vibration of the entire planet on our way to Enlightment that begins with planting the seed of compassion. Tyranny is not the way to leveling up in life. Meet the others learn the lesson as fast as possible to shine light into the world with Joy, through playfulness and pleasure is a win! win! situation. We all want to be Happy, but sometimes we choose the wrong path, and spiral down into the abyss of disparity with the karmatic others drinking from the Jack Daniels, Ciroc, vodka etc… river of suffering where Happiness just seems to elude us, and pain just become a comfort be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The sad part about all of this is; we get cut off from other beautiful souls through the constant turmoil, strife, and competitions that seem to eat away at us. Did not the last four years of one pivotal moment after the other, heels dug deep into the dirt with all of the Washington D.C. U-turns teach us a lesson? “Shit floats”. The constant Narcissistic abuse became contagious, and quite frankly appropriate and acceptable just swinging from one tree branch to the other. Cheers to the Survivors. A powerful song by Mary Mary ‘Survive’

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