Living Ageless and Vibration

I have been watching out of my kitchen window for about a week. A female dove has been in labor perched in a flower pot in stifling heat, and the male just stop by maybe every other day. I keep my distance because, I know that it is nature at it’s finest. I know that something is taking place all by Universal design through positive vibrations. Contrary to popular belief, that dove does not need any help staying as far away as possible is the best that I can do, for her to birth something beautiful in love. One day it will all happen, and the male can hunt and gather for the family. Unconditional love successfully dissolve the negative vibrations. Meanwhile, I will keep an eye on the progress because It just seems like this Dove is reflecting something back to me about my personal life. I am not certain what that is at this time, but I am excited about the unfolding, unveiling, and the big reveal… I am feeling the “Good Vibrations” .

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