Living ageless and Victory

The best way to be victorious in life is to show up for yourself. Accept the harsh reality of healing as an alone battle no one is there to wipe away the blood or heal the wounds. It is no need to run away from healing tapping into the subconscious is being there for yourself that comes with challenges. “Bye Felicia” Step on Lego’s on your way out. “Bye Boy” Go kneel on a few grains of rice… (LoL).  I quote: from the (1994) movie of Shawshank redemption “…Get busy living and stop dying…”. Celebrate good times, for doing the work and reclaim the years stolen in tears. So many blessings come when not letting false pride get in the way. I released someone that just was not serving me only placing guilt that comes with unhealthy codependent situations (immature millenniums #smh). It is so unfortunate that sometimes our ego can strike fear in us that a person really needs us so, we just continue to hold on to that low vibration just get stuck in my craw thinking about it. I had to refer to the promise that; I made to myself, and not willing to settle, for less. I have to be there for myself. Or, lose myself just is not an option at this time. “Either be or learn the lesson”. I am not coming down off of my throne of emotional maturity. It is all about balance.   

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