Living Ageless and Whys?

So, I use to question myself when the Whys? Kept showing up. Why? Did I have to learn to love people that I did not like. Why was it so hard to break free of family traditions? Why was it so hard to be willing to change? It took years to over stand these pathetic questions.  When I finally mustered up the courage to do so. It was like an onion peeling away at one layer only to find another on. It was the only way to get to the root of the matter, and the emotions that were squished in-between in skins. Let me tell you that sucker stink and it made me cry a lot asking the deep questions Why? It is the only way to stop the repeat performances that tend to play out day after day. Of course, the doubting Thomas in us all just keep playing a role, and once that answer is revealed time to dig deeper with a Why? To that Why? I think before getting to the truth it took about 7 why’s such as: Q&A …Why did that person feel it was okay to insult me at the dinner table? Answers…” Oh it was just all in fun… Why not insult that other people and just leave me alone? …It was just a joke don’t be an old stick in the mud…Finally, asking yourself all of these questions the truth will eventually surface. Asking the hard questions comes with the hard truths…For instance, the Sunday before you cooked an amazing dinner, for your significant other, and was not shown any appreciation, for your time or effort. So, your take away from days before was feeling underappreciated, and now it is the albatross around your neck causing you to be defensive, cynical, and angry. However, the excruciatingly painful it is keep asking the hard questions, and the truth will set you free.

The crawfish and the Why’s???… have a lot in common … Like walking backwards. Eventually the truth will surface just keep asking the hard questions. The old saying is, “…If you answer yourself back that mean you are crazy…” It is just ingrained fears that keep you stuck, and remain entertainment for the predators…”

I use to refer to time a lot “…Time will heal old wounds…” “…Time waits for no one…” “… Time is on my side…”. Now, i over stand time as something we homosapians live by, and I now realize that it is only a vibration between yourself and that thing…Either press the reject, or attach button. Don’t forget about the delete button! Enough is Enough… @findingbalanceinourlife

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