So, today my reflections were to be grateful for knowing the true meaning of being alive. Even if I am having aches, pains, headaches etc… What ever that might look like. “Own it” . Being in the present takes tenacity with so many distractions around us at all times that is not always so easy. So, I am cognitive of choosing what next? Firstly, acknowledge what is before you no matter how? fucking disturbing that might be take a deep breath, and make a better choice Peace, Love, Joy etc…Whoosh!!! getting on the right path just never cease to amaze me. So, many people remain trapped in the mind, body, spirit, or soul trying to work out problematic areas in their life. A quote from a old friend: “…A Good Run is better than a hard Stand…” . That sense of entitlement to judge an unassuming individual life really sucks. Unhealthy obsessions are just down right nasty sweep around your own front door. I can recall when I worked in Corporate America this guy would follow me to the parking lot. Back then, I was sporting a black with red interior Ford Escort vehicle. Out from my peripheral vision along side me as I walked to the parking lot was this guy driving a red escort just cruising, for about two weeks not saying anything. Finally, when he muster up the courage he blurted out his stinking name, and asked me to repeat it back to him. I felt so violated because; I just know he was pleasuring himself at the expense of my peace of mind. So, I called to police once I was back at home. To file a report silly me, I was told: “…If he did not touch you then that was not a crime committed…” WTF? Then, the key questions are who is the victim? and who is the victimized? So, this duck Bitch had the right to literally shake things up anytime. Working in the Central Business District was a big deal so dressing the part was a norm, but now I had to feel like I was asking for trouble from this jerk. #smh #findingbalanceinourlife

30-Day Manifestations


The flip side of the aforementioned is “If you are going to worry don’t pray, and if you are going to pray don’t worry”.

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