We should grow tired of walking sideways like the crab. The closer it get to the election; I am experiencing childhood issues rising to the surface. Unwarranted anxieties and fears watching the world just totally spiral out-of-control. The cultivation of cruel tongues just rolling out like long running red carpets get stuck in my craw. I know this is just the beginning, but I am ready for a break from it all. In my opinion stress just shrinks the brain, and the onset of the early stages of Alzheimer’s creeps in…Hey, don’t judge I am just a messenger went to my first Alzheimer’s party last years WORD…Too much static and not enough of self-care. So, because this year in September for my Earth Day. I decided to not celebrate New Year’s day on January 1st anymore. Instead: my New Year’s celebration began on September 7th my new reality. Therefore, my New Year’s celebration began on my Earth Day. I have earned my wings and I am flying into a new space leaving behind things that no longer serves me in November. Life is a gift and we should treat it that way. Why? walk sideways like the crab into the future. Freedom is leaving behind the formed attachments to the subconscious, and unconscious be thou renewed, and ultimately unformed to the conscious of new beginnings. I use renewed and rebirth interchangeably So, When a woman is with child that process is nine months. Right? Yet, our Earth day is every twelve months. Right? My new way of thinking is taking back the three months before conception label that as a soul renewal, and the nine months as the rebirth of a soul in this new time line. Releasing the old patterns, behaviors, and habits that keep individuals bound formed by MAYA illusions. It is befitting to change my middle name to “Maite” meaning Love. I will even have a winter solstice ceremony this year on December 21st. with friends to celebrate my soul renewal and welcome my rebirth in honor of my late parents. I guess some are called to hold the light, and others just volunteer to hold the light. Nonetheless, the Earth will continue to spin on its axes.

This book has some great messages in it about selfishness and sharing, and the unique foil scales.

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30-Day Manifestations


“To Thine own self be true”

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