Living Ageless Holler

A holler in the mountains are homes built between two mountains. As we grow older in hindsight we can see clearly now. why did we ever think that it was a good idea to build a home between two mountains in the first place?. A home of love, peace, joy, happiness etc… According to, the Bible Mark 11:23 “…Whosoever say to move this mountain…”. So, now I built my dreams home in the middle of two mountains. Yet, never took out the time to master speaking to move the mountain. The mountains of disagreeable people, mass manipulators, liars, thieves, and cheaters all the people, places and things that are not of our authentic-self. So, we fall into the sea of oblivion refusing to see or speak to the mountains. I can assure you that it takes years to clear all the muck and mire away, or just remain in the sunken place helping others out that we assume is worse off than our self never noticing that the people we are helping has tied us to an anchor. The Importunate are like that.

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