Living ageless Purging and Releasing

I wrote a blog a few days ago about Purge, but something was missing purging without releasing just will not work. I guess purge and release is like gingerly letting the sun go down on those useless people, situations, and circumstances. Especially, if, it does not bring Love, Peace, or value to my life. Then, it will only bring drama who? needs that stuff not time well spent.  Being clear at the directions, for the new dawn and day that mysteriously unfolds entering through the doors of value only “Happiness” will be there. I don’t have abandonment issues. Hey, if a person is pissy with me Who’s problem, is it? So done with the madness … Go figure! I always know that; I deserve so much better that is exactly what; I do take care of myself royally.  Do you know How?  the people with abandonment issues deal with it is; by not dealing with abandonment issues at all just a winey needy mess…lol.  In 2021 the world is so pivotal, and the thought of putting up with personal downward spirals is ludicrous. “See my glory, but you don’t know my story”.  I enjoy sharing inspiration with the public, and it is even better to get feedback my wonder years. I would like to shout out to one of my blog readers from Afghanistan sent me a beautiful picture in a nature setting #Thankfulandgrateful, for my journey. Still purging and releasing the past tying up loose ends much easier doing it myself. Too afraid of purging and releasing being done for me in the school of knock lessons.     

Doors close windows open…

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