Living ageless Replacements

Many people were left with broken hearts, busted and disgusted on Valentine’s Day. Settling for the external world masquerade ball of hot sex, Godiva chocolates, and/or stuffed Teddy bears …Aww…Don’t forget to wear the mask!!! Hey, I know what I am talking about; I went hard on Valentine’s day forty-six years ago, I got pregnant with my first- born!!! I truly Love my son, and all of his independent business acumen’s, ideas, and successes. I am not angry with anyone filling up that money bag, the downside of that coin is “Oh, what a web we weave” by not knowing back then in the folly of my youth what I know now. Valentine’s Day is one the time when we should be selfish as hell as we self-care and celebrate our own beauty inside and outside in Loving our self, and life in all of its grandeur. So, the next morning after all of the loud back of the throat groans and moans, whips, chains, chocolate drips on the lips… Who is staring back at you in the mirror? Are you happy with your life performances? Did you really get the prize? I can’t forget about all of the bruised blood passion mark on the body Ohlala so sexy, Contrary to popular beliefs, the night served up a plate of shamefaced, guilty, and humiliated on all fronts. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that we have to honor, respect, and reclaim by making Peace with life’s choice, challenges, and decisions. I decided to celebrate myself by baking me a cake…Okay, let me rephrase that; I thought about baking a cake. (lol). I love the Living Ageless movement like being my own ghost looking at my past in the present being my own self critic, and making the adjustments along the way. Hey, the way that I see it Why? Should I wait until I am on my death bed to be shown my past folly mistakes…Give me my flowers while I can still smell them… while, I still have breath in my body, and I can tweak what need to be tweaked, revisions, or replaced in my life to show up the best version of me exceedingly abundantly. As Faith would have it; I can’t change the world, Until I change myself…  


Calmer Waters

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