“Love and Faith”

The first five years of our life is such a challenge learning to walk, talk, develop cognitive skills, engage the five senses, love and be loved this is where it gets tricky. Family values teach the importance of love, but what is not taught is when to stop… For some relationsituationships it is a means to an end. The emotional roller coasters, misleads, and confusion is really what stumbling blocks are put into one’s life. To continue loving someone and/or something so distasteful is just ludicrous. For others, staying with someone that is not trustworthy means that you do not have to show up for your life just hide behind old patterns, behaviors, and habits. Conditioning oneself to look away from the injustices is joining the rest of the sunken place club. Contrary to popular beliefs, staying is a dysfunctions relationsituationships is the hardest part dealing with the daily struggles of the ego keeping someone stuck is mental anguish, getting out is the easiest like in the movie “What’s Love Gotta Do with it” when Tina Turner ran across that street with a bloody nose, and asked for help. That was a hell of a lot easier than taking any more of those ass beatings. Right? So, the way that; I see it the younger version of ourselves get trapped in the “Cinderella” stories read to us at bedtime. Or, the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” that is how so many children formulate the Happily Ever after idea. Oftentimes, it is just chasing the fool’s goal. Then, we come to the Wizard of Oz…I quote: Dorothy says” …There is no place like home…” retuning back to oneself is the biggest challenge, and forgiving oneself for ever leaving such a wonderful part of being in the first place. It is not at all impossible going deeper within, and become perfectly equitable takes a lot of Love and Faith. #findingbalanceinourlife that allows God to define us in this world.

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