I think this title is the best way to describe what an untamed mind world would look like. Too, often we let the mind interfere in matters of the heart as it relates to important decisions. The mind can easily be persuaded to do unspeakable acts.

Truth be told: “…A warning before destruction…”. Reflecting back in my life staying stuck in situations was due to overthinking the mind can lie to you. It is what we are expected to do use our mind to solve problematic areas in our life. But, what happens when those old blueprints handed down from generation to generation does not serve us for the higher good?  Doing task by rote is not always a bad thing working a 9-5 calls for this behavior, and it pays the bills. However, when dealing with isolated situations they should be treated accordingly. For instance, choosing personal happiness may call for drastic measures, and you will make enemies, judgement, and long running gossiping tongues. Choosing Happiness just “Own It”. There is no gray area in choosing happiness Either you want happiness? Or, Not? Who cares about the saddest little turtle in the whole wide world? The untamed mind is the vice of all vices. To learn to trust the intuition and follow the heart takes a lot of practice. Shining a light of Joy into the world in playfulness and pleasure is liberation at its finest. The butterfly staying in that cocoon, and coming out as a beautiful butterfly just warms my heart to see the wings flutter at times seem like the butterfly is always waving as humans look on. However, that butterfly cannot see any of that beauty we see because the wings are behind. It is amazing how that butterfly just continues to bless the planet with beauty that is unseen to the butterfly own eyes. So, Ancestral several of my family members passed on and were just beautiful souls depending of the times in history many people were robbed culturally, morally, and economically. Yet, many of the descents are here on planet earth to restore those years in honor of the ancestors. Complete what they never had a fair chance to. Maybe to feel that agape Love, or, the pride of superseding false expectations in living out a dream. The pandemic has destroyed a lot of joy in some souls many people are aware, and other people are in denial. I am more than certain our parents did the best that they could with what they had. Yet, we find ourselves still living in perilous times. So, it is time that many people adopt Reparenting skills that will allow them to stand in their own power and truth. On the road to De-Mask-Us to a blissfully happy life in the midst of troubled waters. In the Bible it would be spelled differently Damascus. I can assure you calmer water are so much better for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.  ALL ABOUT BALANCE.


Follow the heart it won’t steer you wrong.

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