Living ageless and Passion

My passion with plastic water bottles and straws…

So, when we lose our passion, zest, or zeal we’re just spent in life. Just going through the motions get cumbersome, and quite unattractive not even one little spark of creativity or imagination just one big ball of nothingness. The Greeks final question in death is; “Did he have passion”.  So why? Are so many people stuck in boredom without finding a way to transmute that mess into something positive that can possibly change the world? Take some time out in nature and look at the working habits of a small small ant those little insects do not play they are on a mission to complete the task at hand which is really our purpose. Hey, don’t blame me if you get to close to the ant pile and they attack…lol. Something innate is the driving force for how?  Well, the ants work together not against one another. That is the lesson equal give and take in and of itself homosapiens spend an enormous amount of time protecting and defending what does not matter in life to not even his/her own highest good. Therefore, the madness continues to support time not well spent in the one’s gift of life to prove what? To take happy superficial social media photos to show the world just how we have it going on?…” Stick a pin in it”.  Tell it to someone who give a damn…  “Did he have passion”.

Find your passion…

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